Keep that Immune System STRONG!

OK, it has been over a year now and we have all heard the fear mongering around CoVid-19. Many an anxiety attack I have had over the months. The more I focused on how best to keep healthy, everything lead me to my Immune System. NOT one of the “Health Experts” have bothered to state the obvious – keeping YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG!! There is no money in healthy people. Healthy people will not line up for a vaccine with a chemical cocktail including all sorts of preservatives. So now, why not check this list of ingredients out.

WHY research Vaccines?

I would never talk anyone out of a vaccine, just do your research, and ask LOTS of questions. And DEFINITELY wait for an approval. The current offerings on the market for CoVid-19 are only EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). The public does not hear this at all, if ever. This one tiny, minor fact, has been omitted from the nightly news broadcasts. Over 4.5 TRILLION dollars has been paid out for Vaccine Injuries since 1989, no wonder when you see the list of vaccines ingredients. Is there no Vitamin Injury Fund for payouts for those injured by Vitamin C or Vitamin D?? Take a look at these payouts,

Do You Think a Vaccine will Help?

The Corona Virus vaccine ingredients will cause side effects, and injuries, because it is being so quickly developed, and this vaccine is not going to protect you while your diet consists of junk food and diet soda. The CDC has a database that anyone that has had an adverse reaction to a vaccine, can report it. The number of fatalities since the launch of the campaign has been staggering. It is LIFESTYLE that is the root of most illnesses. If you were not are born with it, you DEVELOPED it. AND if you DEVELOPED it, you can UN-DEVELOP it. Epigentics is a science that has already proven that our cells are dependent on the environment in which they live. Just think about it. How healthy would we be if we inhaled car exhaust every day as opposed to fresh, clean air? We are all affected by the environment in which we live. Same goes for our cells, and our over 50 trillion cells depend on us to provide the cleanest and safest environment for them to live in!